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Bali & Lombok Golf

Bali does not cease to attract people from all walks of life and all four corners of the world.

The moment you set foot on this island one can feel the spirit of the island and its people. It is therefore that Bali finds a special place in the hearts of millions of people around the globe.

In Bali one can indulge in a rich men's lifestyle, be it on a shoestring budget or backed by a healthy bank account back home. Whether your name is Mick Jagger, David Bowie or Wally Walls from Hoboken, New Jersey, when in Bali, everyone is equally rich, because here, "richness" comes from the spirit and from the mind.

In Bali golfers have a choice from 4 great courses of which three are located near the sea.

Bali's hinterland is rich in art & culture which makes golfing in Bali a little more than just hitting a ball into a small hole.

For après golf information see Bali Tourist Information

Premier Golf Courses

Bali Courses

Bali Beach Golf Course [9 holes]
Bali National Golf Resort
Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club
Handara Golf & Resort Bali
New Kuta Golf
Nirwana Bali Golf Club

Lombok Courses

GEC Rinjani Country Club
Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club

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